Sandy is the one who took the initiative to making this program. She was well into Bobs work long before they met and spoke for the first time and with her experience from board rooms she had seen so much problems with communication and inefficiency she wanted to make a program for a corporate environment. She cooperated with Bob to make the program. But the program fits individuals, couples, families and other groups of people just as well. Sandy starts and summons up the lessons.


Bob has sixty years of experience from teaching this material which makes him a giant in this area. He has worked with and helped huge companies like Malaysia airlines, IBM and Prudential to improved profit. He has been in the movie “The Secret” seen by millions of people. He has written several books, “You were born rich” is one. He has held hundreds of seminars and events in prison, schools and no profit organisations. With Bob You can feel safe you have one of the worlds best teachers in this area.

The Stickperson

Is one of the ideas you will meet in the lessons, a very important one. Further you will learn about you mental faculties, attitude, leadership, visualisation, effectice cooperation and more!

the action planner

You get an action planner with one section for each lesson. It goes in depth with who you are, and states that we have full responsibility for our lives. But also shows our potential.


What do you get?

I have continues contact with you during the whole process. We meet over video link about one hour a week. I will answer your question (or find someone who can) and keep you accountable so that you keep advancing towards the goal you have set for yourself. In my facebook group (see menu) I will continuosly post articles, video and other things you can benefit from in your journey. You will meet and be inspired by people who want change as well.


Here you´ll find treasures of knowledge, pearls of wisdom and strategiess to become sussessful. Give yourself some time to watch the videopresentations and please read about the different programs to see which is the best fit for you at this points. Proctor Gallagher Institute stands for tradition, quality and of course the most important, RESULTS!

This is the Science of Getting Rich Program with a LOT of extra bonus material.. Check it out!..

 For example a whole year in the streaming clib, the programs Six Minutes to Success and more!!



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The principles in Thinking into Results and the rest of the programs from Proctor Gallagher Institute has its roots from Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919). He in the steel business and one of the men behind the birth of us steel. He was the Bill Gates of his time. He was a mentor to Napoleon Hill who wrote the classic Think and Grow Rich. Hill was then mentor for Earl Nightingale, a radio speaker with a worldwie audience. Bob is the one who keeps the flame burning and manages the heritage his way.

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